What is a Myers’ Cocktail?

The Myers’ Cocktail is one of the most popular IV nutrition therapy services and where what we consider today’s popular IV therapy sessions really got its start. Originally developed in the mid 1950s, the Myers’ Cocktail was developed by Dr. John Myers as a procedure to help alleviate chronic symptoms. Served as the primary form of IV therapy, Dr. Myers invented this medical treatment option because he wanted a way to quickly replenish fluids and deliver nutrients to help those who suffered from fatigue, migraines, asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, and more.

Often coined as a “banana bag,” a Myers’ Cocktail is typically used in acute care settings when restoring lost nutrients and fluids. This formula gets its fruit inspired nickname due to the color of the nutrients it is formulated with - typically a yellow color. Medical professionals have been administering a similar IV therapy when patients come in who are clearly dehydrated and nutrient deficient as a way to help restore balance and lost electrolytes.

Depending on who is administering a Myers’ Cocktail, the formula can vary but it typically consists of vitamin C, B complex, magnesium, zinc, calcium, glutathione and iv fluids. These vitamins, minerals and fluids work in conjunction to replenish the body and help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. A Myers’ Cocktail has also been known to help boost immunity, regulate energy levels, help with seasonal allergies, and reduce muscle spasms.

A Myers’ Cocktail formulation can help alleviate a variety of symptoms and it is typically one of the more popular IV hydration therapies requested. Myers’ Cocktails have been known to help improve mood by boosting serotonin levels. Administering an IV therapy with vitamin C and B vitamins helps replace damaged cells within the brain and improve optimal functionality within the nervous system. This leads to more mental clarity and increased mood.

B vitamins also help restore feelings of vitality and energy. B complex vitamins work together to bring energy to our cells through the production of blood cells. Most energy effects can be felt immediately after receiving an IV therapy with many individuals going on to say that the therapy has increased their energy levels for days or weeks after.

The Myer’s Cocktail is typically a go-to option when trying to boost your immune system as well. If you feel an illness coming on or have an important event you want to boost your immunity for, the cocktail formula provides pharmacy grade nutrients to help fend off illness or in many cases helps you recover faster. Proper hydration and extra vitamin C provides powerful antioxidants to help fight free radicals which may cause infection.