IV Therapy for Weight Loss

Weight management typically requires a multi dynamic approach that addresses overall health from many angles. Focusing on diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, and stress levels can help you achieve your weight loss goals. IV therapy can work in conjunction with your health programs to help facilitate physical changes.

IV nutritional therapy naturally helps detoxify by delivering nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals to your body on a cellular level. With the help of hydration, IV therapy begins to help slow down cellular damage and release toxic waste more efficiently. Combined with powerful antioxidants, IV therapy helps combat bodily inflammation and helps remove heavy metals which contribute to cellular damage.

Typically as we age, the body’s metabolism slows down. IV therapy helps boost your metabolism by assisting in burning calories and breaking down fats. It can help deliver energy naturally by utilizing specific vitamins known for energy production. B vitamins are powerhouse nutrients which help boost energy production and contribute to improved cardiovascular health.

Ensuring that your body is properly hydrated is an important aspect when focusing on weight loss. A properly hydrated body will reduce overall cravings, ensure the body’s detoxification is running more smoothly, helps burn fat while replacing lost fluids that may have resulted from exercise. In order to function properly and efficiently, our cells need sufficient hydration to facilitate their daily needs.

When you supplement your diet with oral vitamins, the quality may vary depending on the manufacturer as well as the ability for your body to absorb it. When you choose IV therapy, you are choosing supplements that are pharmacy grade and of the highest quality. You also increase your absorption rate upwards of nearly 90%. IV therapy bypasses the digestive system (which has roughly 50% absorption rate) in order to deliver antioxidant rich vitamins and minerals directly into your cells.

IV therapy in no way replaces what a healthy diet and exercise program will do for your body. It can be used in addition to your current program to help facilitate you in meeting your goals. Some individuals should consider working with a medical professional who specializes in medically assisted weight loss programs in which they can tailor a program specifically to meet your needs.

Weight loss IV therapy is considered very safe due to IVs typically consisting of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Overall, it helps give a natural boost to overall wellness initiatives by delivering high quality nutrition to your body. Any and all weight loss goals should prioritize diet, exercise, and stress management as a primary focus when assessing weight management goals.