IV Therapy for Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can come on full force no matter what time of year it is. Allergens, which can be produced by environmental factors or other airborne irritants like pollen, typically cause the immune system to promote a response as if there is an active infection. Allergy symptoms can be very similar to those of illness and may include, runny nose, scratchy throat, watery eyes, and a cough. It can be often hard to distinguish between allergies and cold symptoms but typically an allergy sufferer’s symptoms may last longer or until the body stops producing an immune response to the misguided threat.

IV hydration therapy can be a beneficial procedure which may assist with combating the symptoms of seasonal allergies as well as providing some necessary hydration and comfort. Allergies prompt the body to create an immune response in order to help activate the body to fend off what it considers as a foreign invader. This immune response promotes an inflammatory response in your body. An IV therapy session with pharmacy grade supplements will help bring down overall inflammation due to its powerful antioxidant mixtures.

If you find you need a little extra support in terms of symptom relief, you can also speak to your IV therapist about adding in some additional Diphenhydramine, an antihistamine that helps combat the symptoms of allergies. Although Diphenhydramine can’t treat the root cause of your symptoms, it may help provide some relief if the symptoms prove to be too uncomfortable for you to meet your daily responsibilities.

IV nutritional therapy also assists seasonal allergies by providing the proper hydration your body needs while it has an active immune response. Your system is trying to proactively flush the irritant out of your system and by doing this, you are using more water than normal. Itchy watery eyes or a runny nose is using your valuable water sources in an effort to fight back against seasonal allergies. IV therapy helps your body replace lost fluids and electrolytes which helps you feel better in the long run.

You can help your body naturally lower histamine response through the extra nutrition it receives during an IV therapy session through the powerful antioxidants of supplements. Supplements help your body reduce overall oxidative stress and provides necessary fluids, electrolytes, minerals while reducing allergy symptoms. By scheduling an IV therapy session today, you can better help support your body in reducing overall toxins and toning down inflammation caused by the immune system overreacting to seasonal irritants.