How does Vitamin Therapy Benefit Older Populations

In an ideal world, we would receive all of our minerals and nutrients needed for optimum health through diet alone. Unfortunately, depending on health conditions, environmental factors and lifestyle choices diet alone isn’t always able to help us meet our daily recommended vitamin and mineral levels. One can consider IV hydration and vitamin therapy as a compliment to an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

As we age, our bodies ability to absorb nutrients through our digestive system changes and the absorption rate may not be as high as when we were younger. Therefore, our ability to extract much needed nutrition from our diets to repair and recover decreases as we get older. IV therapy works quickly to deliver vitamins and minerals to our body’s cells through bypassing our digestive system and by being directly introduced to our bloodstream. When we bypass our digestive system, as much as 90 percent of the bioavailable nutrition is absorbed versus having as much as 50 percent of nutrition being destroyed in our digestive system.

Underlying medical conditions may tax our health in ways in which additional nutrition may help alleviate any deficiencies caused by preexisting health conditions. Receiving supplemental nutrition via IV therapy may boost your immune system which could be stressed due to additional oxidative damage from any disease present in the body.

Proper hydration and nutrition is essential for reducing the effects of aging. Reducing free radicals may help in overall physical and mental well being. Adequate nutrition allows the body to help alleviate physical symptoms of stress in the body due to the natural deterioration of the aging process. IV vitamin therapy may help with the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping maintain healthy skin and blood cells.

One of the most common complaints heard about getting older is the body’s ability to maintain and generate overall energy. Often, feelings of fatigue and low energy levels plague older populations due to lifestyle choices, lack of quality sleep, poor nutrition and underlying medical conditions. What some fail to realize is how important proper hydration and nutrition can play a role in alleviating many of these contributing factors which can increase your overall well being. IV hydration therapy can help you find the balance that you have been looking for by restoring some vitality within your body. IV therapy offers you a more natural energy boost by fighting dehydration, fatigue, and boosting metabolism.