How Does IV Therapy Help Long Covid

Researchers are still trying to understand the effects that Covid has on our bodies and its long term repercussions. Even for those who had seemingly mild cases of Covid - there has been substantial data surrounding the effects that linger for weeks or months after exposure. As with the case of any viral illness, sometimes there are long lasting symptoms that plague us into the future.

Often referred to as “long haul covid,” scientists have reported there are tens of thousands in the US alone (with European nations reporting higher numbers of Long Haulers) who are still experiencing the effects of covid long after their initial infection has cleared. As much as over 30% of individuals have reported feeling acute symptoms weeks and months into recovery. Long haul Covid has become such an important topic there are even social media support groups dedicated to individuals sharing resources for what has been helpful in their recovery.

While symptoms vary from person to person, typically Long Haul Covid sufferers report feelings of intense or chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, skin rashes, gut dysfunction, cognitive impairment, and more. Many individuals come from diverse medical history backgrounds and while more research needs to be conducted scientists do see data that indicates higher chances of experiencing Long Covid symptoms.

Some initial data suggest that those who have diabetes may be at an increased risk for Long Hauler syndrome due to the effects of Covid. Obesity is another underlying medical condition that typically results in experiencing more negative effects after initial Covid infection.

Other viral illnesses show similar symptoms of Long Covid in which scientists are utilizing the data in hopes to treat Long Haul Covid sufferers from. Viral illnesses such as mono, Lyme, or SARS can also trigger symptoms that are similar to Long Haul Covid. Some medical professionals claim that the inflammation caused by the original infection appears to be a contributing factor in post illness symptoms. Other doctors theorize that viral fragments from initial infection can remain in the body for some time causing an immune response.

IV nutritional therapy can help alleviate some of the symptoms of Long Haul Covid. Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements contain high levels of antioxidants which may be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of fatigue or cognitive impairment. Nutritional therapy can aid and assist in the recovery of damaged cells caused by infection. An IV therapy session’s natural energy producing supplements can restore feelings of rejuvenation to the body. Its powerful immune boosting effects can also help your body fend off illness more effectively while it is trying to recover from past infections.